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Planter boxes for herbs,flowers or propagating. See products available.

Garden Guru operates in the greater Durban area of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.
The main function of the company is landscape design and implementation, specializing in indigenous plants to encourage wild life, water wise gardening and reduce the pest problem. We prefer not to spray but encourage natural predators to keep pests at bay.
Garden Guru provides a garden experience that is more than just a simple grass and edge cut.
We will work the flower beds, moving and placing plants that enjoy similar growing conditions together. We do seasonal pruning and fertilizing of the garden. Topiaries will be shaped and kept neat. Water features are cleaned and pumps maintained as needed.
Hard landscaping and garden consultations are also undertaken. The result is, depending on the size of the garden, a landscaped finish with everything in its place at a fraction of the cost.
Contact us for work beyond the boundaries of Durban.